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The Wilderness of Grief

Welcome to The Wilderness of Grief and my sacred corner of the internet, where we explore the stuff everyone is feeling, but no ones talking about. We don’t do platitudes or silver linings, just the real, raw, and honest stuff.

Hi loves, I'm Hayley Yarish - a highly sensitive and ambitious human being, grief therapist, writer, explorer and forever student. Writing is a huge part of the way I process life, including challenges, setbacks, heartache, grief, celebrations, dreams, wins, and everything in between. After a month long social media break in January 2022 turned into a year long hiatus it was obvious to me that I needed a space to write and express that felt more aligned with the way I want to show up, share and lead - which brought me here.

Death changed me. It changed the way I live, love, and show up for life. It deepened my capacity to love, it expanded my ability to have and hold compassion, for myself and for others. It taught me that being with pain, is also how we learn to open up to fully accessing our joy.

Grief led me to a deep connection with the natural world, the earth became a sacred holding ground for my grief, supporting the natural alchemical process that occurs when we give our tears to the earth. Throughout my grief journey, the wilderness has been the only place that feels big and vast enough to hold my emotional depths.

The rivers have held my tears, the depths of the ocean taught me about darkness, death, softness, and that life is fluid and always moving. The mossy forest ground reminds me of our connection within all things, holding me and reminding me that truly I am never alone. Mountain climbs reflected back to me the strength, power and resilience alive within each of us. The trees show me steadiness and the power of remaining grounded no matter the storm. Beaches gave me permission to lean into softness. The wind reminds me that I am alive, and every breath is a gift. The warmth of the sun on my chest reminds me of the warmth that is still present in my heart, even within times of great pain and deep sorrow. Fire reflects. back to me the fire within, and reignites the fierce and powerful, yet gentle force that I am.

Grief woke me up to all that I am, and all that I have always been. Grief connected me to my aliveness and taught me the sacredness of life, of nature, of every moment, every being, of every interaction, and most of all — of love.

I envision a world where…

  • Grief processing is a foundational skill to human-ing, and in doing anything brave in this world (because there is, and always will be grief along the way, even in our biggest and best expansions).

  • We remember and (re)connect to our aliveness (aka the wilderness within), and show up freely and fully to our lives.

  • We are radically honest about the truth of where we’re at and how we’re feeling (versus shutting down, suppressing, and checking out).

  • Knowing how to be with yourself, others, and the world when the tough stuff hits (because it does, and it will) without collapsing under the weight of it all.

  • Grief is a normal part of our conversations, and we no longer run from it - but rather turn towards it.

Thank you for joining me here, and for your courage to show up to this work, it is a sacred gift to the world.

Here, you will find essays, thoughts, musings, education, letters, resources, guides, invitations for reflection, and other written content, with the intention of bringing us deeper into connection with the fullness of our human experience.

This is The Wilderness of Grief. It is wild, sacred, alive and untamed. And I am honoured to share this sacred space with you! Sign up here to receive updates from this blog, invitations to special offerings, and upcoming gatherings.


Over here in my world we aren't doing grief work the way we’ve been sold, taught, and fed throughout our lives. If you’re like me, you’re ready to do it differently. Ready to take the next step? Click here to book a discovery call where we will get to know you, your grief, and invite you into the path that we think would be most supportive for where you're at (no pressure, invitational always, left in your hands to decide).

About the Author:

Hayley Yarish is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider, and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®. She specializes in supporting individuals who are navigating loss and grief of any kind. Her own experiences with grief and loss have cracked her heart wide open and led her to doing this sacred work in the world.

Specific areas of focus: death of a loved one (recent or past), life changing transitions, relationship transitions and break ups, pregnancy loss, grief around family planning, and supporting entrepreneurs through the grief that comes with growth.

To learn more about Hayley or to book a session with her, click here.



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