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A 4-month journey for the soulful wild woman

desiring to (re)connect to her aliveness


Ohh, hey!

I'm Hayley

And if you're a sensitive, ambitious, wild spirit, who desires space to be seen, held, heard, witnessed and loved for ALL that you are...

Chances are.. 

You're really going to like it here!

Sacred Grief is a small group coaching container delivering holistic grief tending, high-level mentorship, and unparalleled support from a fellow sensitive soul and grief weaver. Here we are focused on deepening into your souls work through grief tending and beyond. 

You're Ready To:

Re-define Grief - By re-storying what we’ve been told about grief - what it is, how it shows up, the wisdom it holds, and how we can embrace it rather than run from it in a way that is sustainable, and even life giving. Feel supported by foundational practices that support, stabilize and soften


Re-align through Grief - By fully seeing who you are now & who you’re ready to become. Clarify what is most important, valuable, essential and life giving, while intentionally removing and eliminating the things that insult your soul. Deepen, hold, and ripen as you are supported in weaving grief into your soul work.


Re-emerge from Grief - Through ritual and community that invites expression, expansion, and aliveness forward so that you can grieve fully and live freely

& although..

Moving through this pain and heartache is top priority, you also know that something is new is emerging and awakening within you. 

You are different now. 

Forever changed by the depth of your own heartbreak. 

I know because I've been there too. 

You want your life to reflect who you are now, on the other side of this life changing loss. 

Because yes!
We are focused on Grieving FULLY

but also on Living FREELY

Weaving Grief focuses on grief and soul work that is slow, sustainable, regenerative, and life giving. 

Most of us have been sold the idea that grief is something we need to get over as quick and as fast as possible. We have been told that we need to move on, get over it, and keep busy. 

We end up trying to think our way out of an experience that is deeply felt - bypassing the essential roll of the soul and the body in grief work, for logical and mental processing, is a disservice. The truth is, we cannot think our way out of grief

Outdating social programming and misinformed ideas about grief processing leads to suppression and repression of grief, which makes way for fragmentation and self abandonment. The longer we push grief aside, the further disconnected we become

Grief is meant to be felt, honoured, held, and witnessed.


We are meant to be supported in community, with restorative practices to alchemize and integrate grief through each cycle of expansion and contraction so that we emerge from grief more deeply connected to self, other, soul and the world.

Grief weaving allows us to live into our fullest expression - in service to our deepest longings, burning desires, and biggest dreams. We are able to tap the well of what is life giving and bravely step into our futures with more meaning, more depth, and more truth.

Weaving Grief is the integrated way forward.


Hey, I'm Hayley


Grief Weaver & Therapist

Highly Sensitive & Ambitious Spirit 

In service of supporting humans grieving fully and living freely


Weaving Grief

Is here to support grieving hearts who are ready to turn towards grief and explore the wisdom that emerges from being with the truth of our human experience. 

I specialize in helping my clients learn to honour and hold grief so that it softens, and no longer feels so heavy to carry. 

With a focus on holistic grief tending that supports integration and prioritizes wholeness, I am also here to walk the through the wilderness with you as a fellow traveller, to invite you deeper into your soul work and to witness and remind you of the magic you hold inside as you grieve fully and live freely. 


The Result?

An integrated practice and way of being in the world that softens, ritualizes and alchemizes grief so that you can grieve fully and live freely into your fullest expression.

Sharable Wisdom Model  (MH Co.).png
Grief has a way of continuing to speak to us, if we continue to cultivate the space to listen.

Hi, Soul Friend! I’m Hayley Yarish - Grief weaver, ritualist, and therapist for tender souls who dream big and feel deep. I am devoted to creating and cultivating sacred spaces where you are able to fully inhabit all that you are - your grief and your joy, your depths and your brilliance, your big dreams and your big feels. 

As a therapist, I thrive holding space for the full range of human emotions, including the things that break our hearts wide open

With an intuitive ear for hearing your souls whispers, and years of experience honouring and holding grieving hearts, my gift is in helping you see the wisdom, power and resilience of your own beating heart as it breaks wide open. Supporting you grieve fully and live freely.

I long for a world that knows grief as a foundational skill to human-ing, and to doing anything brave in this world (because there is, and always will be grief along the way, even in our biggest and best expansions). 

If you’re here, I’m guessing you already know and FEEL the importance of that, and what you need is a space that welcomes ALL of you - Your grief, your pain, your tears, your love, your joy, your wildness, your dreams, and your aliveness. 

Welcome wild one, to the place where your soul gets to grieve fully and you get to live freely. 

Welcome to my world..

Part Science, Mostly Soul

First the Grief, then the Rising


Is a small group coaching container delivering holistic grief tending, high-level mentorship, and unparalleled support focused on deepening into your souls work through grief tending and beyond. 



Weaving Grief


Biweekly anchoring calls, followed by live Q&A (90 minutes)

Our next cohort begins ______ and will meet every other week from ____(TIME)__ . With __ for integration. 

Added to create an opportunity to gather in community and ritual space to (re)member the potent power of belonging and being witnessed.


Access to Monthly Sacred Grief Circles

Access to high-level distilled curriculum and self study modules that include training materials, audio/video, PDF’s, meditations, practices, and integration materials

A private virtual community space (off of social media) for anchoring into community and connection

The benefit of a small group experience with plenty of space to verbally process & get high-level support 


1:1 Voxer Access with me (Hayley) for the duration of our 4 months together. Limited availability due to the high-touch nature of this support. 

Four Equal Payments Of 

$500 CND


One Payment Of 

$2,000 CND


Your Investment?

You Ready?

This space was made for YOU.



When are the live coaching calls?
Every other ____ beginning ____ from _____ CST.

Are the calls recorded? 
Yes.  And the recordings will be available within 24 hours. 

I don't have someone who recently died, can I still join?

Yes! Grief work is for everyone, I believe it to be an essential part of human-ing throughout our entire life journey. 

How do I know if this program is the right fit for me and where I'm at?

Let's hop on a (no pressure) discovery call to explore where you're at, and I will give you my honest feedback about whether or not this program is the right fit.

What's the cancellation policy?  
It's my every intention that both of us enter this agreement as clear as possible that this is the right fit for you. That's why a conversation is an absolute must before you're even able to claim a spot. However, in the event this isn't what you need - you will not continue to be charged for services not delivered.  That means no refunds will be given for services already provided, but future payments will cease and you'll be released from the program. 

How long do I have access to content? 
You will have lifetime access to the program, and all future updates (for the lifespan of the program).  If you choose to cancel before the program has completed, you'll lose access to content and the community immediately. 

More questions I didn't answer here? 
Complete the form above and I'll be in touch!


Questions? Email and we will be sure to get back to you. 

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