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ready to step bravely into your future?
this is your space for navigating grief, loss, change & transition 

If you’ve found yourself here, theres a chance your heart hurts. 


Maybe you’ve experienced the death of someone you love, recent or years ago.


Maybe the ending of a relationship or a dissolved friendship has left your heart hurting.


Maybe you have an awareness, a deep inner knowing that your life is not as fulfilling as you want it to be.


Maybe you have recently gone through a big change and are trying to figure out how all of the pieces fit together. 


Regardless of how you ended up here, and regardless of how your heart began to ache, you’re in the right place and you don’t have to carry this alone. 

Support during our most heartbreaking and uncertain times can help us lean more fully into faith, instead of being overtaken by fear.

I've been there, and I can help.

Hi, I'm Hayley

Grief and loss have broke my heart, cracked me open, and allowed my heart to expand in ways I never imagined possible.


My experiences with loss continue to deepen who I am as a human, as a therapist and as a companion. It has prompted me to search for more many times over - more meaning, more depth, and more out of this life I get to live. This is more than a profession to me, it is truly my hearts work, and I would be honoured to walk alongside you throughout this phase of your journey. 

My Approach

I support my clients in moving through grief, loss, pain and unimaginable heartbreak - with integrative practices that support the mind, body and spirit (movement, breath, sound) so that they can begin to (re)discover who they are on the other side of loss. 


You are the expert on your own life, your own grief, and you hold the wisdom within you to emerge and evolve from this painful place - but you are not in it alone, I am here to walk alongside you with an open and compassionate heart. 


We will dive deep into all things grief, loss, transition, compassionate transformation, and mind-body-spiritual integration. 

Ready to Step Bravely into Your Future?

I am here to walk with you through your pain and unimaginable heartbreak as you begin to (re)discover who you are on the other side of your loss.

Workshops & Courses

Self-paced and live learning to support your way through transition, loss and grief. 


Also offering custom workshops facilitated for your workspace or group program on the topics of grief, loss, change and transition. 

Integrative Counselling

Spirit-led, soul sessions, backed by science. 


Integrative therapy sessions to support individuals navigating the wilderness of grief, loss, change, and transitions, and those searching for more.

Energy Healing

Reiki sessions are a combination of energy healing, spiritual guidance and deep relaxation to promote balance, soulful expansion and personal growth.


Reiki is a powerful, yet gentle healing process and can be completely transformative.









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