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The Wilderness of Grief

a sacred journey that is wild, alive and untamed

Grief has a way of changing us, and reorganizing our entire world.


My goal for therapy is not to get rid of grief, but rather to make space for it, to hold it tenderly, to integrate it into the fabric of our being - where it softens and doesn't feel so heavy to carry. To understand how it moves and changes us, and to support the brave steps you take forward, in your own time and in your own way.

& Courses

Self-paced, live learning, and custom workshops  to support you as you navigate your way through loss, grief, change and transition.


Spirit-led, soul sessions, backed by science. to support you in healing from grief.  


Integrative therapy sessions are intentionally curated to support you as you navigate the wilderness of grief, loss, change, and transition, and for those who are searching for more.


Resources for self-led learning, wisdom development, integration, expansion and growth. 


Ready to Step Bravely into Your Future?

I am here to walk with you through your pain and unimaginable heartbreak as you explore the wilderness of your grief.

Hi, I'm Hayley

Grief and loss have broke my heart, cracked me open, and allowed my heart to expand in ways I never imagined possible. Grief has prompted me to search for more many times over - more meaning, more depth, and more out of this life I get to live. My experiences with loss continue to deepen who I am as a human, as a therapist and as a companion.


This is more than a profession to me, it is truly my hearts work. Let's navigating the wilderness of grief together.

My Approach

I support my clients in moving through grief, loss, pain and unimaginable heartbreak - with integrative practices that support the mind, body and spirit (energy medicine techniques, movement, breath, sound) so that you can begin to (re)discover who you are on the other side of loss. 


We will dive deep into all things grief, loss, transition, compassionate transformation, and mind-body-spiritual integration. 

Feeling mysterious and unexplained
physical pains following your loss?

Download this FREE guide to help you understand the physical affects of loss and support you with effective ways to release trapped emotions from your body

All of western medicine is built on getting rid of pain, which is not the same as healing. Healing is actually the capacity to hold pain.


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