I help Highly Sensitive Women 

Reconnect to the Essence

of Who They Truly Are

What if embracing your sensitivity was the key to your deepest healing and long lasting fulfillment?

When we embrace the truth of who we are and are aligned - 

mind, body and spirit, our energy field begins to open up.

As our energy field opens up, we gain access to the wisdom within,

allowing us to cultivate connections with our inner world, deepen into who we are, and reach greater states of fulfillment.


Are you feeling..

Lost, confused and disconnected from yourself and from your life?

Is it time for a change but you don’t even know where to begin?


If you know there is more to life but your feeling stuck,

you're in the right place.


You want action steps, implementable tools and techniques for managing anxiety, reducing overwhelm and healing from burnout so that you can you gain access to the wisdom within, cultivate connections with your inner world, deepen into who you are and reach greater states of fulfillment.


I invite you to take the first step towards transformation

and make your appointment today.


Your Future Self will thank you.


As a Master Practitioner of Clinical 

Counselling (MPCC), Registered 

Professional Counsellor (RPC), and a Certified Life Coach, I have a deep passion for this work and am 

honoured to walk alongside you during this phase in your journey.  

My Approach

I take a gentle approach to both counselling and coaching that is holistic in nature - honouring the mind, body, and spirit. I focus on a collaborative and client-centred approach that is focused on tapping into the wisdom that already exists within your soul. I believe that you are the expert on your own life and approach sessions with an open mind and open heart. It is my intention to create a safe and sacred space for reflection, self-discovery, deep healing, and radical transformation.

MIND   |   BODY   |    SPIRIT


Integrative Counselling

Individual therapy sessions designed to help you reach your unique goals.


Through a special blend of integrative practices, together we will create a recipe that is just right for you. Think self-reflection, self-discovery, deep healing, and radical transformation for the mind, body and spirit.

Healing Intensives


Workshops & Trainings



Your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health deserve to be prioritized. I believe in a holistic approach to healing and have created this space and these resources to assist you with your journey. 

Save them for later.

Use them as you need.

Share them with a friend who might benefit.  








True healing and lasting fulfillment require a spiritual transformation as well as a clinical one

– Anna Yusim, MD

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