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“REI” means higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness 

“KI” means life force energy

Life force energy plays an important role in everything we do and Reiki harnesses that energy to promote healing, relaxation and a sense of peace. ​

Our emotions, thoughts, and experiences live in our bodies as energetic information. When we don't have the space to process properly, the energy stays stuck in the body and feels like a 'block'. Reiki works to enhance energy flow through the body. 

When you are aligned - mind, body and spirit,

your energy field begins to open up.

As your energy field opens up, you are able to gain access to the wisdom within, allowing you to cultivate connections with your inner world, deepen into who you are, and reach greater states of fulfillment.

Grief & Reiki

I wish someone had told me the havoc that grief would have on my physical body. Years later the impacts were still present because I wasn’t aware of how to support and manage my emotional experiences in a holistic way.

In grief, our emotions need love, tenderness, compassion and care..

and so do our physical and energetic bodies. 

Often times the physical body gets left behind because the emotional experience of grief is so intense that it overtakes everything. 

I often refer to moving THROUGH grief,

and optimal energy flow helps to support this process.

Think of it like energetic nourishment.

Just as you nourish your body and cells with rest, nutrition, water, movement and breath, Reiki supports the life force energy that moves through your body and beyond. 


Distance Healing

Distance Reiki sessions are a combination of spiritual guidance, deep relaxation and energy healing to support energetic release, re-balancing, soulful expansion and growth.

Reiki flows through your energy field to clear energy blocks and will leave you feeling relaxed and supported.


Reiki is a powerful, yet gentle healing process and can be completely transformative.


3 SESSION PACKAGE: $300 (save $66)

// Packages to be purchased and booked within 3 months

You will receive the Zoom link & further information upon booking! 


Benefits of Reiki

Reiki supports the release, unblocking and re-balancing your physical energy centres. You may experience:

  • Reduce & support management of anxiety symptoms

  • Soothes digestion

  • Improves circulation and energy flow

  • Enhance healing

  • Promote relaxation

  • Improve sleep

  • Reduce stress 

  • Ease tension

  • Support pain management 

  • Strengthen and enhance self-care

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