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Online Compassionate Grief Support


Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one (recent or past), the ending of a relationship or a life changing transition?



Have these tender times flipped your world upside-down, rocked the foundation of your life or brought up your deepest fears and anxieties?


The impacts of loss of any kind can manifest in many different ways - are you may be struggling mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually?



Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, or unable to cope with your changed world?

If you are experiencing any of the above,

know that you don't have to navigate these tender times alone.

In order to re-engage with life in a meaningful way after a profound loss, having a safe space to explore and make sense of the complexity of grief, and its mind, body and spiritual impacts is the key to beginning to heal.

I offer compassionate and intimate 1:1 programs and services to support you as you navigate the depths of your loss and grief, and as you begin to discover who you are on the other side.

, take a breath & tune into your soul...


Although grief is something that touches us all, most of us have not been taught how to navigate the pain of our loss. Instead, we are often met with platitudes, silver-linings, and misguided advice to “keep busy”, “be strong” and to “wait for time to heal”.



This type of advice further isolates us in our pain and distracts us from our healing.

As you begin to honour the story of your loss, acknowledge the depths of your pain, and hold space for your emotions, you will begin to discover who you are on the other side of loss.

  • Grief is not something we get over, get rid of, or erase from our lives 

  • Grief is a normal human reaction to loosing something or someone we love deeply 

  • Grief is a full bodied experience - impacting the mind, body and spirit. 

  • You can’t think your way out of grief, grief must be felt 

  • Sometimes talk isn’t enough, because pain and emotional struggle get stuck in the body - therefor its important to move through it with practices that support both the mind and the body. 

  • Grief is deeply painful, and can be deeply transformational whether we like it or not.


  • 90 minute intake 

  • Biweekly 60 minute sessions via Zoom

  • Weekly Reiki for energy maintenance and clearing

  • Integration and Embodiment Practices

  • Access to client portal and resources

  • Ongoing Voter support in between sessions

  • 90 minute closure/final call


3 MONTHS OF 1:1 SUPPORT: $1700

6 MONTHS OF 1:1 SUPPORT: $3000

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