Online Integrative Counselling 

For Highly Sensitive & Ambitious Women

Regular Session

60 MINUTES FOR $ 120

Individual therapy sessions designed to help you reach your goals. Through a special blend of integrative practices, together we will create a recipe that is just right for you. Think self-reflection, self-discovery, deep healing, radical transformation, and integration of the mind, body and spirit.

Standard 60 minute sessions are a great option for those who are ready to focus on one to a couple concerns and for follow-up sessions to maintain progress, momentum and change. This is best for ongoing counselling needs. 

Extended Session

90 MINUTES FOR $ 180

Extended sessions are a preferred option for those who are motivated to deep dive into specific and targeted challenges. Extended sessions also allow for the flexibility to explore deep processing of presenting concerns on multiple levels.


First time clients may prefer an extended session to complete intake and dive in right away. 

Ready to dive in?


Your Story Matters

The simplest and most accessible ingredient for healing — is our stories. Story telling is rooted in ancient traditions and teachings. It is rooted in the foundation of practices such as acceptance and radical forgiveness. It is present and paramount to the processing, sharing and connecting of our human experiences. 

Stories hold so much power. When we can freely express ourselves, tell our story, be seen, heard, witnessed and accepted by another — we have tapped into a powerful space and remedy that can helps us heal.


As the spaces inside of us begin to heal and repair,  

we begin to reconnect to the innate wisdom within. 

Stories guide us through life and help us understand the depths, complexities and intricacies of our experiences. Stories strengthen individuals and communities. 

Our stories are Medicine.

Our stories are Soul Vitamins. 

Sometimes what we need most is space to talk, to be, to process, to release, to be seen and to be heard. Thats what I'm here for. 

Therapies I Use Include:

Existential Psychology

Mindfulness & Meditation

Energy Psychology / Energy Medicine

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Body Based Therapies

[ Somatic, Yoga, Structural Integration ]

Spiritually Augmented CBT [SACBT]

Cognitive Based Therapies 

[ CBT & DBT ] 



Trauma Informed

Strengths Based

Common Areas of Concern:

Existential Questions:

Who am I? Whats my purpose? What does it all mean?

Anxiety & Depression

Life Transitions

Loss, Grief, and Bereavement 

Chronic Health / Chronic Pain


Stress Management / Burnout

Work/School – Life Balance


Professional and Career Goals 

Relationship Challenges

Trauma (past or recent)

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